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July 2015
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If you have a business (or are creating one), odds are you want to get in front of as many people as you can.

Many people believe that to do this, they need to constantly update their blogs. And while that's helpful, it can be very frustrating to always have to come up with a "latest and greatest" blog post idea.

In my view, you actually don't need to constantly come up with new work. You can work smarter instead of harder by maximizing what you already have. This episode goes over how.

For the full blog post on this, go to http://www.rachelrofe.com/27ways

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By popular request, this episode goes over 3 different passive income streams that I have, each consistently earning me $1k/month or more.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

Podcast Prodigy - If you'd like your own podcast, this course will show you how to do it.

TheUltimateKindleCourse.com/special - A discounted link to my Kindle course.

RachelRofe.com/kindleclub - The monthly Kindle training program I recommend.

Kinstant Formatter - The software I had created to help format Kindle books.

RachelRofe.com/passiveincome- Sign up here if you'd like to get a more detailed training on my passive income streams.


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It seems easier than ever to feel disconnected and lonely.

Most of us are in front of computers more than we’re in front of people. That’s hard. And when you consider there’s a direct correlation between social media consumption and depression, it makes it even harder.

In order to feel connected, it takes some conscious work – and that’s what we cover in today’s show.

In this episode, I share some ways you can feel connected in a particularly rough moment and how you can also (mostly) avoid it being a problem for the future.

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By 2015, millenials - those born in the 80's and 90's - will be responsible for more buying decisions than any other group out there.

In this episode, Ryan Jenkins and I talked about why millenials are so different from any other generation, what's important to them, and how to market to them.

I thought this was a fascinating look into the worldview of millenials and learned a lot, even as a millenial myself.

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So many of us are stressed out of our mind, swimming in never-ending lists of things to do.

What if there was a way to STOP being so overwhelmed, put LESS on your plate, and actually end up being MORE productive?

There is - and I cover it in this episode.

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It's really easy to get stuck into a pattern of circling around the same negative thoughts over and over.

It's also really easy to shut down any of your negative thoughts and say, "Everything's great!"

In this episode, among other things, Eric and I cover how to keep your thoughts as healthy as possible without going to either extreme.

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In this episode, Jordan Harbinger shares how you can be more charismatic. He goes over how you can make a great first impression, how to "network" better - even if you hate it, and how to not care so much about what people think.

Towards the end of the show, he gives his best personal success technique.

This show packs a lot of great info.

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Kit Murray Maloney is on a mission to celebrate and spread women’s sexual pleasure.

In this episode, we talk about how she began her not-so-easy mission, the benefits of women concentrating on their sexual pleasure, her “Pleasure Pledge”, and how she creates a phenomenal network of people around her.

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In this episode, I go over 101 tasks that I've personally delegated to MyFancyHands.com.

This is meant to help you see what YOU can be delegating in your life.

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If you have some kind of business (or want to have one), you'll need people to know about your offer. This experimental episode goes over 55 ways you can get in front of those people.

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