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Do you feel unclear on what you want to create in 2015? This episode will help you identify the best goals for yourself. First we review your 2014, then ask some important questions about your present, then move into exactly how to shape out your year. If you go through this eye-opening process, you will definitely learn a lot.

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This episode gives you lots of practical strategies on how to wake up earlier AND be happy about it.

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Greg Taylor is very unapologetic about who he is - and I love it. In this episode, we cover all kinds of things from how to create a work/life balance, to people who want to pick your brain, having friends that you can trust, and creating a business you feel happy in.

This was a fast-paced episode that has lots of gems. Enjoy!

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In this episode, bestselling author Derek Doepker goes over exactly why you might be feeling stuck in any area of your life.

He shares how to create better habits, how to reach your goals, and why you might need to embrace "4 value logic".

He also covers the 6 human needs that we need in order to be happy.

Derek is like a walking encyclopedia of personal development and there's a lot to learn in this episode.

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Hadley Gustin believes that everyone who has ever been diagnosed with "uncurable" anxiety, ADD/ADHD and panic disorder --- as well as those who just identify with being energy sensitive - can feel a LOT better, once they know the action steps to take.

In this episode, we go over what you can do if you feel like people, sounds, colors, or feelings take a huge toll on you energetically, how to stay at your peak, and how to thrive in a world that isn't necessarily set up for your success.

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There are always ups and downs in life, and unfortunately sometime the downs last longer than we'd like.

This episode goes over some of my best “get out of a funk” techniques, including everything I used to get out of my own recent not-so-stellar period.

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If money stresses you out and/or overwhelms you, this episode is for you. In it, I go over a SIMPLE 3-step process you can use to start improving your finances. There are no crazy concepts or fancy strategies here - just an easy process that the average person can use to make solid positive changes in their financial life.

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In the first part of this episode, the amazing Jordana Jaffe covers how she got out of a financial rut and what to do when you "can't afford" the things you want to buy.

After that, we move into specific ways you can create a schedule that gives you tons of time for play and passion.

This was a great episode that covered a lot. Enjoy!

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Shawn Stevenson, a highly respected health expert, shares some phenomenal tips in this episode. He goes over the top 3 things anyone can do for your best health possible, how to keep your energy up, a "secret sauce" to maximize your health, and what you can do to minimize stress.

Shawn is a master at making things easily understandable and practical, and there is a LOT to learn in this episode.

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Stephanie Burg used to be a professional dancer. She was forced to sign contracts saying that she couldn't gain more than 3 pounds, was constantly criticized, and was always told to push through the pain.

After she left the dancing world, she had a lot to learn about going with the flow and finally trusting herself.

This episode goes over her inspiring journey.

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Holidays can be a huge source of frustration for people. There are all kinds of expectations to meet - whether it be the endless traveling, over-spending on presents, and/or all the people you have to please.

In this episode, Becca Piastrelli and I talk about specific things you can do to enjoy your holiday season. We go over tangible things you can do when everyone is pulling at you, how to give amazing presents that don't break the bank, and a gratitude "trick" that will keep you from getting overwhelmed and wishing it was January 2nd already.

I apologize for the double listing on this one - the first one was the incorrect file.

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Honorée is a sought-after coach that gets her clients incredible results. While she traditionally works with businesses, she gave tips that anyone could benefit from on this episode. She shared a PHENOMENAL strategy on how to build your network, how to set and achieve huge goals, and what she does to write 4 quality books a year. This has been one of my favorite episodes so far.


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Thai Nguyen has been a restaurant chef, a private chef to the elite, a professional kickboxer, was on track to be a minister, and is now a writer. Not only is he well versed in reinventing himself, but he tends to achieve excellence in everything he tries. In this episode, Thai goes over some of his most effective (and highly actionable) success strategies.


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Many people feel like they have a book in them, but figuring out how to wrangle all their thoughts into a concise outline is tough. This episode goes over the super-simple process I've used to create 40+ books. Please leave me feedback and tell me if you want more episodes like these!

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In this episode, Alexia goes over how you can become a more confident public speaker. She shares tons of actionable tips you can start implementing immediately to feel and present better on stage. She also goes over some of her very inspiring journey.

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My latest book has 101 5-minute boosters you can add to your morning routine to boost your happiness. In this episode, I go over 11 of them. You can get the book at http://www.rachelrofe.com/morningbook. :)

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On this podcast, Jeffrey Shaw goes over how you can have a profitable business without having to lose certain parts of yourself.

If you're not sure about what your greatest gifts are, he also goes over how you can wrangle in all of your passions to find your specific "purpose".

He also coaches me for a minute - and I think it can help everyone listening.

If you're interested in either finding your purpose or figuring out how to monetize everything you're interested in, this episode has lots of gems for you.

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Many people say success is all about "taking action". In my opinion, that isn't the truth. It's all about taking FOCUSED action - and this episode goes over how you can use that to your advantage.

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This episode covers the tools that Jeannine used to go from growing up in the "hood" to living an incredible life. We go over how to take bigger risks, what to do when fears come up, how to change beliefs that might be holding you back, and what to do when people around you don't believe in what you're doing.

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Dr. Lee Baucom of SaveTheMarriage.com has spent 25 years coaching, and he has some interesting things to say about helping couples stay together.

Among the things we cover in this episode: how to try and pull your partner back in if they've given up, who not to talk to when you're having problems, and concrete action steps on what you can do to save your marriage or relationship.

Dr. Lee knows a lot and there was a lot covered in this episode!

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We cover a lot of ground in this episode.

Among the topics: how Talia is persevering through a health challenge, how to make new friends, how to get high-quality food as cheaply as possible, and some delicious recipes.

Talia is an inspirational woman, and there are lots of takeaways in this episode.

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Do you ever feel like you wish you could talk with someone about something, but you just don't do it?

Maybe you're scared, worried you'll hurt the peace, or that the other person is not "emotionally mature" enough to handle it?

I believe that 99.999% of the time, you CAN have honest, vulnerable conversations with people that leave you both far better off. (Yes -- even the person you might be thinking "not them!" about right now.)

I, and many of my friends, use a "formula" to  hold these conversations - and the results are generally miraculous.

Listen to this episode if you have something you want to share but you're not sure about how to go about it.

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10 years ago, Beth Burgess was overdosing on drugs, was a full-fledged alcoholic, and was regularly cutting herself.

From a young age, she was paranoid that people were looking at her.

It took her many years of struggle, but eventually she found the secrets in living a happy, healthy life. She goes over them in this episode.


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Someone recently told me that she finds herself up on Pinterest for an hour every night.

She was really upset about it and asked me for advice on how she could stop.

This was my response.

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If you were to look at Tonya Leigh, you'd think that she was effortlessly beautiful and was surrounded in luxury all her life.

The truth is that she grew up in trailer parks, was an overweight and over-worked single mom, and studied how to implement specific mindset shifts to be able to create a life she absolutely adores now. She has a business she loves, lost any extra weight, and, most importantly -- is fulfilled.

Tonya is a master-trained life coach who "fuses personal development with luxurious lifestyle". In this episode, we talk about the specific mindset shifts that Tonya used, and that you can use to  go from daily "meh" to creating a life that you're crazy-in-love with.




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In this episode, Michelle talks about the specific action steps she took to quit her high-paying job to go into business for herself.  Thanks to some careful planning (which she explains all about) she was able to shift into working for herself without any major transition pains.

Michelle also goes over exactly how you can figure out your "why" and your core values, as well as a neat calendar trick you can use in order to make time for yourself - no matter how much you have going on.

All in all, we covered a lot of ground in our 30 minutes together.

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Joanne Ameya Cohen is a highly-sought after health and empowerment mentor who helps women live a magnificent life through aligning with the wisdom their bodies so desperately want them to have.
In this episode, we go over how to set boundaries, what your "inner child" is and how it supports you, and action steps you can take to align your mind-body-spirit connection and  feel emotionally free.
Joanne was very transparent in the interview, and there are lots of great nuggets for both women *and* men.



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If you're currently in a scarcity mindset where it feels like you'll never get ahead, this is definitely an episode for you to listen to. I go over several different ways you can start to shape your mindset into one of gratitude and abundance - which will help free you up to think more clearly, get out of fight or flight, and start to rise up.

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Today is my birthday, and I'm thrilled to tell you about something I've been dreaming up for months! All the details are at http://www.ABetterLifeEvent.com. :)

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Eleanor Tara was a high-profile record label executive for over a decade, making a lot of money and living a life many dream about. However, she had something nagging in her that what she was doing wasn't right for her. She ended up walking away from everything to follow bread crumbs leading her to her true calling. In this episode, she goes over some best practices for how you can align with your true purpose and find greater fulfillment.

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In this episode, we talk about 10 of my favorite tools that help with productivity, healthiness, and overall EASE. And if you like this, definitely check out my book - it has even more tools and best practices: http://rachelrofe.com/23tools.

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In this episode, Nisha talks about how you can create inner freedom for yourself. Some of the things we cover are specific practices you can take on when you're feeling fearful or anxious about something, how to make new friends, and what to do when you're feeling a void in your life.  I'v been told the episode starts off slow and then gets really good with lots of tangible action steps. Enjoy!

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In this episode, Liz talks about how she was able to move through several major life moments by using her "core desired feelings" and inner guidance. She talks about how she made it through an extremely tough breakup, stopped selling courses that no longer felt right, and slowly found her way to inner freedom.

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A lot of us are jumping from task to task, and it's really hard to make time for things that make us feel good. This episode goes over several things you can do to make time for pleasure, happiness, and self-care. It's a quick listen that packs a lot of powerful tips.

This episode was a special request. If you have any requests, hop on over to http://RachelRofe.com and leave a comment.

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On today's show, the charismatic Hal Elrod talks about how he went from major rock bottom to living a life he feels ecstatic about. This episode gives lots of tangible action steps on how you can make life better, including Hal's life-changing Miracle Morning practice.

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This episode goes over all kinds of practical tips - many you probably haven't thought about - that you can use to make eating healthy EASY. You'll learn several super-simple techniques you can use in your everyday life to make sure that eating healthy is a cinch to implement and something you'll actually want to do. You'll also learn how you can eat healthy while traveling.

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If you ever feel like you have to suffer because of circumstances outside of your control, this is a great episode to listen to. At age 1, Wes was abandoned by his father. At age 6 1/2, he was abandoned by his mother. By age 16, he’d tried to commit suicide 16 times. He’s gone through a LOT in his life – but even still, he refuses to become a victim or let himself get shaped negatively by things that happened to him. He now dedicates his life to helping children realize that they have a choice in their lives. This episode goes over how you can own your power, regardless of what life throws at you.
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Jessica talks about how she went from being laid off to creating a business with 5 assistants.  She goes over some of the questions she asked herself and how she was eventually able to work less and make more money.

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This episode covers a lot. Antonia and Joel talk about how they've been able to run their businesses while having a young child, how Joel made it as a single father for a while, and how to give yourself permission to be yourself. We also briefly cover personality typing.

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This episode addresses the elephant in the room: who is Rachel, who sounds like she's 12, to say *anything* about creating a better life? Warning: this episode is a bit intense. To protect my family, there will not be show notes for this. Please go to RachelRofe.com/facebookgroup to connect. :)

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While things may happen in our life that we don't automatically love, we do have a choice in how we respond to them. This episode gives you ideas for different choices you can make when negative things happen in your life.



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In this episode, we talk with Emily Aube about how to cope with something a lot of us face: anxiety, stress, and panic attacks. For 2 years straight, Emily used to have 2-3 panic attacks a day. Now she can't remember the last time she had one. If you deal with any level of anxiety, this is a don't-miss episode. Emily gives a lot of actionable, practical tips that you can implement immediately.

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Have you ever felt on top of the world, extremely happy to achieve something... only to find something to complain about 5 minutes later?

 Or have you ever had one area of your life go great, while another went spectacularly wrong? 

 This isn't by accident.

 We all have success "comfort zones", and unless you consciously know what's happening, it's very easy to unknowingly sabotage the good things that happen to you.

 This episode helps you understand what's going on when you upper limit yourself and how you can move past it in order to reach your full potential.

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In this interview, Chad talks about how he went from depressed, burnt out and sleep deprived into a relationship he loves, a healthy body, and a career he's passionate about. After a whole lot of learning and experimenting, Chad believes that turning your life around can be boiled down to 4 things. He goes over all of them in this episode.

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If you've ever felt de-motivated and uninspired to make progress on your goals, listen to this episode. We cover 10 different steps you can take to feel excited again. You'll learn how to get back to your "why" (or how to create one), the best types of things to surround yourself with, how you can get accountability, how to have conversations with people you admire, and more. This is a quick listen, but it packs a lot of useful content. Enjoy!

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In this interview, we talk to Becca Piastrelli about how having lots of passions can bring you a great happiness. Becca talks about how it's OK to dabble - and how you don't need to have some major end goal in everything you do. If you've been feeling like you don't have much space for fun in your life, listen to this interview. It will show you why fun will make you even MORE productive.

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This interview with Melissa is extremely inspiring. Melissa has gone through a lot - teenage pregnancy, extreme poverty, single parenting, the death of one of her children... and she STILL created a life she can be proud of. She built a highly sought after service business from the ground up, creates 100 plus new products every year, runs six different monthly membership programs, is an affiliate marketer and has created a slew of fun projects with amazing joint venture partners. She talks about how to outsource effectively, how to focus on Faith, Freedom, and Joy, and how to choose a life you're proud of.

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