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Joanne Ameya Cohen is a highly-sought after health and empowerment mentor who helps women live a magnificent life through aligning with the wisdom their bodies so desperately want them to have.
In this episode, we go over how to set boundaries, what your "inner child" is and how it supports you, and action steps you can take to align your mind-body-spirit connection and  feel emotionally free.
Joanne was very transparent in the interview, and there are lots of great nuggets for both women *and* men.



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If you're currently in a scarcity mindset where it feels like you'll never get ahead, this is definitely an episode for you to listen to. I go over several different ways you can start to shape your mindset into one of gratitude and abundance - which will help free you up to think more clearly, get out of fight or flight, and start to rise up.

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Today is my birthday, and I'm thrilled to tell you about something I've been dreaming up for months! All the details are at http://www.ABetterLifeEvent.com. :)

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Eleanor Tara was a high-profile record label executive for over a decade, making a lot of money and living a life many dream about. However, she had something nagging in her that what she was doing wasn't right for her. She ended up walking away from everything to follow bread crumbs leading her to her true calling. In this episode, she goes over some best practices for how you can align with your true purpose and find greater fulfillment.

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In this episode, we talk about 10 of my favorite tools that help with productivity, healthiness, and overall EASE. And if you like this, definitely check out my book - it has even more tools and best practices: http://rachelrofe.com/23tools.

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In this episode, Nisha talks about how you can create inner freedom for yourself. Some of the things we cover are specific practices you can take on when you're feeling fearful or anxious about something, how to make new friends, and what to do when you're feeling a void in your life.  I'v been told the episode starts off slow and then gets really good with lots of tangible action steps. Enjoy!

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In this episode, Liz talks about how she was able to move through several major life moments by using her "core desired feelings" and inner guidance. She talks about how she made it through an extremely tough breakup, stopped selling courses that no longer felt right, and slowly found her way to inner freedom.

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A lot of us are jumping from task to task, and it's really hard to make time for things that make us feel good. This episode goes over several things you can do to make time for pleasure, happiness, and self-care. It's a quick listen that packs a lot of powerful tips.

This episode was a special request. If you have any requests, hop on over to http://RachelRofe.com and leave a comment.

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On today's show, the charismatic Hal Elrod talks about how he went from major rock bottom to living a life he feels ecstatic about. This episode gives lots of tangible action steps on how you can make life better, including Hal's life-changing Miracle Morning practice.

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This episode goes over all kinds of practical tips - many you probably haven't thought about - that you can use to make eating healthy EASY. You'll learn several super-simple techniques you can use in your everyday life to make sure that eating healthy is a cinch to implement and something you'll actually want to do. You'll also learn how you can eat healthy while traveling.

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If you ever feel like you have to suffer because of circumstances outside of your control, this is a great episode to listen to. At age 1, Wes was abandoned by his father. At age 6 1/2, he was abandoned by his mother. By age 16, he’d tried to commit suicide 16 times. He’s gone through a LOT in his life – but even still, he refuses to become a victim or let himself get shaped negatively by things that happened to him. He now dedicates his life to helping children realize that they have a choice in their lives. This episode goes over how you can own your power, regardless of what life throws at you.
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