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August 2016
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Bad news is all around us. But that doesn't necessarily mean that it's an accurate reflection of the current state of our society and world, which is why in today's episode, I cover the importance of maintaining perspective and arming yourself with fact—not fear—based information.

This is Part 5 of a 5-part series about how to effectively cope when you're inundated with bad news stories and negativity.

And while the world may seem all doom and gloom, research and evidence show that we actually live in an increasingly peaceful time. That's not to say there isn't still tons of room for improvement, however. But we should also focus on the positives and factor in the progress we've made as well.

Notes from the show: 

- We actually live in a more peaceful time now than we ever have before

- Advancements in communication technology put information at our fingertips so we are just hearing about the bad news in the world more now

- Every generation seems to have a problem with the subsequent one; it's easy to let emotions take over and see things from a negative point of view without examining the facts

- Pretty much everyone thinks they are doing the right thing

- We are all one community, one big ecosystem

- Looking at situations from other people's perspectives help to bridge the hate

Links and Resources Mentioned:

Study from Tel Aviv University - "Peace is more profitable than war"

Article from Slate.com - Measurable progress has been made to lessen the amount of violence towards women

Another article from Slate.com - There's a downward trend for genocide

And one more - "The world is not falling apart"

Article from Salon.com - Education and empathy have played significant roles in decreasing the amount of violence in the world

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It's no secret that the news has been inundated with negative stories and happenings lately. But the reality is that if we have time to worry and complain, then we have time to take positive action, too. And that's exactly what I talk about in today's episode.

This is Part 4 in a 5-part series about practical tips, staying open and resourced, and shifting our mindsets so we don't become weighed down by all of the bad news stories.

We should be aware of what's going on in the world but we should digest that information when we're in the best frame of mind to do so. That way, we can spend our time doing something useful about it—something that can make the world a better place.

Notes from the show: 

- Share what you believe but do so in a way that comes from a place of clean energy

- Post supportive, love-based thoughts and stories on social media

- Attend peaceful protests or use artistic expression to convey your message

- Take Mr. Rogers' advice and "Look for the helpers"

- Volunteer, make donations, send energy - do whatever you feel most comfortable with

Links and Resources Mentioned:

Change.org - Website where you can sign petitions, or create one of your own, about causes that you care about

#LoveForLeslieJ - Love-based hashtag started in response to the incredibly racist commentary aimed at the actress Leslie Jones

Everything She Says She Means - An art project started by Spencer Tunick in which women reflect heir anger over oppressive attitudes and policies through art

Police and Black Lives Matter Hold a Cookout - A positive story about the Wichita, Kansas police department spending time with members of the community at an event planned by Black Lives Matter activists

BBBS - Volunteer with the Big Brother Big Sister of American organization

RachelRofe.com/questions - If there's anything you'd like to ask me or have me podcast about, please go here and let me know

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If you don't stay open and learn how to manage your intake of current events in a way that empowers and enables you to cope with love rather than fear-based thinking, it's easy to become weighed down by bad news stories.

This is Part 3 in a 5-part series about the tools you can use and the actions you can take when you start to feel overwhelmed by too much negative news.

So much of the way we navigate the world around us has to do with our mindset. And luckily, that's something we're in charge of (to a large degree) and can tweak to create an overall more positive and joyful life for ourselves.

I really hope you find this series helpful!

Notes from the show: 

- The value of appreciating each day and treating it as a gift

- How to reframe your mindset to be one filled with gratitude, not worry or fear

- A challenge to commit to doing something that brings you joy every single day

- You have the power to re-examine your expectations and treat negative feelings as opportunities for fulfillment

Links and Resources Mentioned:

#100HappyDays - A challenge started by Dmitry Golubnichy "to inspire more people to choose happier living."

Chad Hadsell interview - In this episode, Chad talks about the four things you need in order to stay as happy as possible.

Hal Elrod interview - Hal discusses how to go from deeply depressed to living a thriving life.

RachelRofe.com/questions - If there's anything you'd like me to podcast about, please go here and let me know.

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Bad news deeply affects many of us. And there certainly is no shortage of it these days, so it can be difficult not to become totally consumed by it.

This is Part 2 in a 5-part series filled with tips and resources that will help you better cope with all the negative news.

Turning a blind eye to what's going on in the world is not what I'm proposing. Rather, I'm suggesting ways that you can take charge of your mindset and make sure that you stay open and continue operating from a place of love in spite of the negative things happening around you.

I really hope you find this series helpful!

Notes from the show: 

- Empowering yourself to be in charge of your experiences versus allowing your experiences to be in charge of you 

- How negative news infiltrates your subconscious with worry and fear-based thinking, blocking effective communication and trust 

- A Chrome extension that lets you block news from yourself until you're better equipped to handle it

- Doing something that's worthwhile and productive with the information you take in as opposed to letting it drag you down 

- Putting more love into the world is the only thing that's going to truly help 

Links and Resources Mentioned:

News Feed Eradicator - Use this extension to block news from your Facebook news feed until you're in the right state of mind to see it.


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It seems like there's been a lot of bad news out there lately, and even the most evolved people have a hard time getting sucked into it.

This is Part 1 in a 5 part series filled with tips that will help you feel better about all of the negative news.

I'm certainly not advocating ignoring it - but we can also approach things like this from a place of empowerment and genuine desire to help versus getting sucked into fear-based thinking that only makes the world worse.

I hope this helps - it's really needed right now!

Notes From The Show:

– Fear limits us - love expands us.

- Breathe deep in order to connect back to yourself

- Bringing attention to the present moment helps you reduce anxiety

"It’s often the attempt to make anxiety go away, not the anxiety itself that traps us in anxiety disorders.” – Ruth M. Buczynski, PhD

- Go out in nature or do something to connect you to yourself

- Write a letter to yourself

- Remember your true essence

Links and Resources Mentioned:

RachelRofe.com/questions – If you’d like me to answer a question, post right there.

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I know it's been a long time since I've made a podcast, and I apologize! Life has been very busy.

This episode explains what's been going on and my intentions going forward with this show. 

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