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July 2014
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We cover a lot of ground in this episode.

Among the topics: how Talia is persevering through a health challenge, how to make new friends, how to get high-quality food as cheaply as possible, and some delicious recipes.

Talia is an inspirational woman, and there are lots of takeaways in this episode.

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Do you ever feel like you wish you could talk with someone about something, but you just don't do it?

Maybe you're scared, worried you'll hurt the peace, or that the other person is not "emotionally mature" enough to handle it?

I believe that 99.999% of the time, you CAN have honest, vulnerable conversations with people that leave you both far better off. (Yes -- even the person you might be thinking "not them!" about right now.)

I, and many of my friends, use a "formula" to  hold these conversations - and the results are generally miraculous.

Listen to this episode if you have something you want to share but you're not sure about how to go about it.

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10 years ago, Beth Burgess was overdosing on drugs, was a full-fledged alcoholic, and was regularly cutting herself.

From a young age, she was paranoid that people were looking at her.

It took her many years of struggle, but eventually she found the secrets in living a happy, healthy life. She goes over them in this episode.


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Someone recently told me that she finds herself up on Pinterest for an hour every night.

She was really upset about it and asked me for advice on how she could stop.

This was my response.

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If you were to look at Tonya Leigh, you'd think that she was effortlessly beautiful and was surrounded in luxury all her life.

The truth is that she grew up in trailer parks, was an overweight and over-worked single mom, and studied how to implement specific mindset shifts to be able to create a life she absolutely adores now. She has a business she loves, lost any extra weight, and, most importantly -- is fulfilled.

Tonya is a master-trained life coach who "fuses personal development with luxurious lifestyle". In this episode, we talk about the specific mindset shifts that Tonya used, and that you can use to  go from daily "meh" to creating a life that you're crazy-in-love with.




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In this episode, Michelle talks about the specific action steps she took to quit her high-paying job to go into business for herself.  Thanks to some careful planning (which she explains all about) she was able to shift into working for herself without any major transition pains.

Michelle also goes over exactly how you can figure out your "why" and your core values, as well as a neat calendar trick you can use in order to make time for yourself - no matter how much you have going on.

All in all, we covered a lot of ground in our 30 minutes together.

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Joanne Ameya Cohen is a highly-sought after health and empowerment mentor who helps women live a magnificent life through aligning with the wisdom their bodies so desperately want them to have.
In this episode, we go over how to set boundaries, what your "inner child" is and how it supports you, and action steps you can take to align your mind-body-spirit connection and  feel emotionally free.
Joanne was very transparent in the interview, and there are lots of great nuggets for both women *and* men.



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If you're currently in a scarcity mindset where it feels like you'll never get ahead, this is definitely an episode for you to listen to. I go over several different ways you can start to shape your mindset into one of gratitude and abundance - which will help free you up to think more clearly, get out of fight or flight, and start to rise up.

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Today is my birthday, and I'm thrilled to tell you about something I've been dreaming up for months! All the details are at http://www.ABetterLifeEvent.com. :)

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Eleanor Tara was a high-profile record label executive for over a decade, making a lot of money and living a life many dream about. However, she had something nagging in her that what she was doing wasn't right for her. She ended up walking away from everything to follow bread crumbs leading her to her true calling. In this episode, she goes over some best practices for how you can align with your true purpose and find greater fulfillment.

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