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Crystal Cave is a stylist who specializes in "not so skinny style". Whether or not you identify as "not so skinny", most of us have some kind of body hangups, and this show helps with that.

We cover how to love your body for whatever it looks like right now, how to handle other peoples' judgments, and style tips for both men and women. It's a fun episode!

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Are you in a spot where you know you need to raise your rates, but you're terrified of losing your income? 

This episode goes over some ways where you can start charging what you're worth WITHOUT losing all of your income stability.

I also give a word for word script you can use while implementing this.

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This episode goes over why it's probably in your best interest to unsubscribe from email mailing lists.

I go over how I learned this from experience and what you can do if you get FOMO (fear of missing out) from unsubscribing.

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Do you feel unclear on what you want to create in 2015? This episode will help you identify the best goals for yourself. First we review your 2014, then ask some important questions about your present, then move into exactly how to shape out your year. If you go through this eye-opening process, you will definitely learn a lot.

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This episode gives you lots of practical strategies on how to wake up earlier AND be happy about it.

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Greg Taylor is very unapologetic about who he is - and I love it. In this episode, we cover all kinds of things from how to create a work/life balance, to people who want to pick your brain, having friends that you can trust, and creating a business you feel happy in.

This was a fast-paced episode that has lots of gems. Enjoy!

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In this episode, bestselling author Derek Doepker goes over exactly why you might be feeling stuck in any area of your life.

He shares how to create better habits, how to reach your goals, and why you might need to embrace "4 value logic".

He also covers the 6 human needs that we need in order to be happy.

Derek is like a walking encyclopedia of personal development and there's a lot to learn in this episode.

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Hadley Gustin believes that everyone who has ever been diagnosed with "uncurable" anxiety, ADD/ADHD and panic disorder --- as well as those who just identify with being energy sensitive - can feel a LOT better, once they know the action steps to take.

In this episode, we go over what you can do if you feel like people, sounds, colors, or feelings take a huge toll on you energetically, how to stay at your peak, and how to thrive in a world that isn't necessarily set up for your success.

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There are always ups and downs in life, and unfortunately sometime the downs last longer than we'd like.

This episode goes over some of my best “get out of a funk” techniques, including everything I used to get out of my own recent not-so-stellar period.

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If money stresses you out and/or overwhelms you, this episode is for you. In it, I go over a SIMPLE 3-step process you can use to start improving your finances. There are no crazy concepts or fancy strategies here - just an easy process that the average person can use to make solid positive changes in their financial life.

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