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In the first part of this episode, the amazing Jordana Jaffe covers how she got out of a financial rut and what to do when you "can't afford" the things you want to buy.

After that, we move into specific ways you can create a schedule that gives you tons of time for play and passion.

This was a great episode that covered a lot. Enjoy!

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Shawn Stevenson, a highly respected health expert, shares some phenomenal tips in this episode. He goes over the top 3 things anyone can do for your best health possible, how to keep your energy up, a "secret sauce" to maximize your health, and what you can do to minimize stress.

Shawn is a master at making things easily understandable and practical, and there is a LOT to learn in this episode.

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Stephanie Burg used to be a professional dancer. She was forced to sign contracts saying that she couldn't gain more than 3 pounds, was constantly criticized, and was always told to push through the pain.

After she left the dancing world, she had a lot to learn about going with the flow and finally trusting herself.

This episode goes over her inspiring journey.

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Holidays can be a huge source of frustration for people. There are all kinds of expectations to meet - whether it be the endless traveling, over-spending on presents, and/or all the people you have to please.

In this episode, Becca Piastrelli and I talk about specific things you can do to enjoy your holiday season. We go over tangible things you can do when everyone is pulling at you, how to give amazing presents that don't break the bank, and a gratitude "trick" that will keep you from getting overwhelmed and wishing it was January 2nd already.

I apologize for the double listing on this one - the first one was the incorrect file.

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Honorée is a sought-after coach that gets her clients incredible results. While she traditionally works with businesses, she gave tips that anyone could benefit from on this episode. She shared a PHENOMENAL strategy on how to build your network, how to set and achieve huge goals, and what she does to write 4 quality books a year. This has been one of my favorite episodes so far.


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Thai Nguyen has been a restaurant chef, a private chef to the elite, a professional kickboxer, was on track to be a minister, and is now a writer. Not only is he well versed in reinventing himself, but he tends to achieve excellence in everything he tries. In this episode, Thai goes over some of his most effective (and highly actionable) success strategies.


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Many people feel like they have a book in them, but figuring out how to wrangle all their thoughts into a concise outline is tough. This episode goes over the super-simple process I've used to create 40+ books. Please leave me feedback and tell me if you want more episodes like these!

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In this episode, Alexia goes over how you can become a more confident public speaker. She shares tons of actionable tips you can start implementing immediately to feel and present better on stage. She also goes over some of her very inspiring journey.

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My latest book has 101 5-minute boosters you can add to your morning routine to boost your happiness. In this episode, I go over 11 of them. You can get the book at http://www.rachelrofe.com/morningbook. :)

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On this podcast, Jeffrey Shaw goes over how you can have a profitable business without having to lose certain parts of yourself.

If you're not sure about what your greatest gifts are, he also goes over how you can wrangle in all of your passions to find your specific "purpose".

He also coaches me for a minute - and I think it can help everyone listening.

If you're interested in either finding your purpose or figuring out how to monetize everything you're interested in, this episode has lots of gems for you.

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